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June 18


It’s that time again to nominate persons for the Board of Directors for the Panama City Parrot Head Club. All seats are up for election.  The positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and two Members-at-Large.

A brief description of the offices are as follows:

President: shall be the Chief Board Officer, preside over all board meetings, form all committees and appoint all committee chairman, and be responsible for all door prizes for monthly meetings.

Vice President:  shall assist the President, succeed to the office of President if the President is unable to fulfill the term, and be responsible for group activities and PHlockings.

Secretary:  shall prepare the agenda for Board meetings, keep minutes of all Board meetings, maintain the records of participation in community service events, maintain corporate records and oversee elections.    

Treasurer:  shall be responsible for financial matters of the group including paying all bills, maintaining the checking accounts, preparing an annual budget, maintaining accounting records, presenting financial reports monthly to the Board, and preparation of club tax returns.
Members-at-Large:  shall act as a liaison between the general membership and the Board of Directors.

Full description of Officers and Duties may be viewed at click on PCPHC Bylaws.  
If you or someone you know may be a good candidate for one of these positions, please respond to this email with the persons name. The nomination window will be open until May 20th. Current Board Members are eligible to be nominated by the General Membership just like any other member in good standing.  

Candidates have until May 22 to accept nominations.  After that, the persons nominated will be presented to the current Board of Directors and certified as members in good standing and therefore eligible for the election process.

Once the certification is complete, the Board of Directors will approve the list of eligible candidates by May 25th and distribute the list to the membership no later than June 1st.

Campaigning may then begin and will run through until the third Friday of June, but must be done only at a PCPHC, Inc. Event. 

Ballots will be distributed to all members on the Third Saturday of June.  You will have until the 6:30 PM on July 10th to return your ballot. The votes will be tabulated and the winners will be announced by July 15th.

You may email nominations to me

Thank You,
Bobbie Jo Walden 
Election Chair
Panama City Parrot Head Club


June 18