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May 7 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Well if you missed our Phins Up Phun Day on Saturday, YOU MISSED A DOOZIE!!  It was so great seeing many of our “more experienced” Parrot Heads who have laid low during the pandemic.  We had people fly in from San Diego!!  Washington STATE!  And all over the southeast, from Atlanta, to Tampa, to Jacksonville and all places between.  The weather gods shined on us.  The weather report up to that morning said a 100% chance of rain—but we didn’t see a drop!  Sharky’s was a great host, and there was a whole lot of fun to be had.  We are working on the numbers now, but they are looking good and well beyond our expectations!!
First of all though–let’s make sure we give double and triple thanks to the people behind the scenes who worked very hard to make all this happen.  Steve Camp and I had the easy part, and for us, the fun part even.  Did you see the gift baskets this year?  Judy Jensen outdid herself this year on the baskets.  They were the BEST I’d ever seen.  Add to that the baskets and items that others brought in, and we had a top flight basket raffle–the number$ bear that out.  Pat Hart, always the workhorse, worked to get the baskets together and to Sharky’s, and made sure that we had buckets for the raffle tickets, and merchandise that we hadn’t sold in a while that sold really really well.

As well, you saw the activity over in the corner, where Marty Weddle was taking credit cards and memberships (several new members!) he worked all day over there.  One of our recent additions to the madness, Dave Knight worked merchandise and sold a LOT of shirts.  He has volunteered to take over merchandise and is taking inventory right now. We have some shirts that are really old, so look out for a clearance sale sometime near the end of this fiscal year (which ends July 1).

So today’s UNSUNG HEROES:  Judy Jensen, Pat Hart, Marty Weddle and Dave Knight.  THANK YOU for your work and making this day the success that it was!

Okay–one little snag.  Someone hopefully inadvertently, left a tab of $85.  You can see from the picture they left around 5:25 pm (they left before Jeff and the Camaros even started!  What’s up with that?)  We haven’t investigated yet, but you see the table number, you see the items they had, Walk on Beach, Endless Summer, Miller Lite, Corona Lite, and Bud Lite.  If you think this might have been you or your group–please respond to this email and we can get settled ALL COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.   Hey we know things happen, and hope to not have to investigate more—we have table number, there is video available, etc, so please if you know this group or might be in it, please respond to this email.  All confidential, promise!
One of our friends from Tallahassee, Penny, went to Sharky’s on Sunday morning to look for her husbands nice expensive sunglasses that he lost, they told about this, and she went ahead and paid it for us.  We will reimburse her one way or the other, but THANK YOU PENNY!   And if you happen to have picked up a nice pair of sunglasses accidently, that would be nice to have returned as well.
And the music was great!  Especially the first two guys.  Reggie Starrett started a little before 1 pm and from the first moment he had a crowd on the floor that stayed his entire set.  Reggie brought some folks down with him too.  A little after 3 I was lucky enough to get on stage with Reggie and Jim Asbell, and we cranked up GEORGIA RHYTHM.  It turns out all three of us have a number of mutual friends in the Atlanta area music scene and grew up listening to Atlanta Rhythm Section.  I was proud to “lay down the back beat and crank up your trusty Gibson”.  After the basket raffle was complete, Jim Asbell came and kicked @$$ too.  We normally know Jim with the Tropiholics, but he sounded just great by himself.   The Camaros and I finished up the evening with mustaches and percussion instruments–and a couple of “Parrot Heads Down.”  It was a remarkable day all around–so great to see everybody.  SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!
Our next meeting is Friday, May 7, at Barracuda Beach Bar!  Club elections are just around the corner.

Also–this is a little late, but in about 45 minutes Jimmy Buffett tickets go on sale, there are no club tickets available to this concert and the tickets come 4 to a “pod”.   (you have to buy 4)

Jimmy Buffett with Coral Reefer Friends will be playing four shows at Old School Square in Delray FL.
Dates are 
May 13thMay 14thMay 17thand May 18th.
Tickets go on sale Monday, April 26th at 10am eastern.

Thank you for being a Parrot Head, please stay involved, we got a busy summer coming!  (and planning for Rendezvous 2022 is underway)

Keep Your Phins Up!


May 7
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Barracuda Beach Bar and Grill
6628 Thomas Drive
Panama City Beach, FL 32408 United States
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