Friday 1 pm:
Jeff and the Camaros

Friday 4:30 pm: Corned Beef and Curry

Friday 8 pm:
Jimmy and the Parrots

Saturday 10AM: Calypso Nuts

Saturday 1:30pm Jerry Diaz and Hanna's Reef

Sat, 4:30 pm Jimmy Parrish and the Ocean Waves Band

Sat, 8 pm
The Tams

Sun, 10 am:
Captain Nick

Sun, 1:30 pm
Steve Tolliver and his band

And also, please remember, this event is PHUN. The dozens of Panama City Parrot Heads that work so hard to put this event on do so on a volunteer basis. So if something isn't exactly right, of course let us know, but remember we are all volunteers doing the best we can!

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We prefer that you register online, it's a lot easier on us for book keeping, but if you are old school:
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This year our event will be emceed by Danny Lynn of Tiki Island Radio!

You can hear many of the Rendezvous artists on Beachfront Radio and also on the Tiki Island Radio network! Tune in now!
*The Reef and Seahaven (Economy Hotels) Origin’s offers 1 and 2 Bedroom Condo...3 levels of prices coming soon. You can check out the properties at:
*Call: 888-607-0006 Group Code: Parrot


We will be reserving tent spaces beginning sometime in March! It was a frenzy!! And hey--we will do better on the tent sales this year.

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